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What is SFA?

SFA stands for Staff Friends & Alumni of C.A.M.P.

SFA is a not for profit organization that supports campers & staff by providing equipment, supplies and scholarships for camp. Our activities enable CAMP to keep the registration fees affordable.

Who Can Be A Member?

SFA is open to all persons. Anyone who has an interested in CAMP may join. (Staff, Past staff & Campers, Parents of campers or anyone interested in CAMP).

What are the Benefits of Joining SFA?

In addition to our fundraising events, SFA is a social group. Along with our monthly meetings we have fundraisers and social outings throughout the year.

Members of SFA receive a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy that covers them at any CAMP or SFA event.

SFA Hosts an annual Staff Appreciation "Spaghetti Dinner" to thank our camp staff for their hard work throughout the year. At the dinner we give an award to persons who have shown outstanding service to CAMP.

Fund Raisers

We hold two major fund raisers each year.

In July we man two Pepsi Booths at Red White & Boom.

The last weekend in October we "haunt" the Santa Maria in downtown Columbus.