Pre-Camp Morning Watch

Easter edition




In a few days, we will celebrate Easter. It is a wonderful family time, and a time of new beginnings 


as Spring finally seems to be underway after a long bleak winter, but what is Easter really about?


A new Spring outfit? Easter egg hunts? Bunnies and duckies and chicks? Yes, All of those! Arenít they all


 joyous?!---- but so is the real Easter!



A few months ago, we celebrated Christmasóthe birth of Jesus

...and now all too soon, we celebrate...what?  Surely not His death....WHAT?

Jesus, at a very young age, realized His purpose. He somehow realized that He was indeed the Son of 


God--sent here for an important purpose. However, as a human, He had the choice to live as other


humans lived. He chose to Listen to His Father-- and live the life He was assigned fully! Always


though, He sought the guidance of His Father. He spent His entire life showing us the correct way to 


live! He found His purpose in life, and with Godís Help, lived it to the fullest! --- paying  terrible price for


it....but with Godís Help, He also overcame even a horrible death!  And He continues to show us the 


way--sitting ďat the right hand of His Father.Ē



Did you know that we, too, are children of God?


He will show us our mission in life, too-- if we seek it---and Listen!---


And with His Help, we too can fulfill our destiny!















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