Pre-Camp Morning Watch

January 25,2009




“My Aircraft”


Your Aircraft”


Changing my attitude

Changes my life!


(Or in this case saved 155 lives!)


 The co-pilot was flying the plane when the birds hit.


That’s when Sully made his simple statementMy aircraft”.


Without hesitation, his co-pilot replied, “Your aircraft.”


What if he had said, “Why? you think I can’t handle this! I’m perfectly qualified to take care of this situation.! Who do you think you are, anyway? Mr. Know- it -all!”  ( but he didn’t) What a different situation we might have ended up with!


And what if Sully had had any other attitude than the one he had? He knew he was the more qualified in this situation--but flying a glider plane with no power is not quite the same as flying an Airbus with no power... Still he accepted the responsibility, as did each of the crew members to do all the 

tasks  they had been trained for but never expected to have to execute.

Sully’s attitude, the co-pilot’s attitude and every member of the crew’s attitudes created a miracle.


Does anybody doubt that a Higher Power’s attitude also had something to do with it?


What a different ending to this  story we might have had, if each of those stressed people had copped a bad attitude instead of the very positive one they each exhibited!


Changing my attitude


Changes my life.


It’s easy!


(Well usually, it’s easy!)









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