June 20, 2007




A note from Janny


A few days ago I received an e-mail from one of our camp family. (Let’s say it was a girl.)

 She was soo troubled! It just seemed to her that she could do NOTHING  right!

Her life is just all mixed up because of it.


I must tell you all that I related very much to her, and I’ll bet maybe you do , too!

While she felt that she was all alone in this situation, surely I have felt that way many times!

(MANY TIMES RECENTLY!)  I bet you have, too--RIGHT?


Now, I  surely do believe in getting professional help when it is needed,

but I really think there is a much better and faster way to get Help. (Notice the capital H)

That’s because we never have to wait to get an appointment with God.

He is always ready to listen, and He always understands! He know all about us, you know,

because He made us!


So the next time you get discouraged with yourself, and feel as though there is no where to turn for an answer--

There is! And it is immediate and unfailing!


Just stop--- BE quiet-- and Talk to God. Ask Him for His Guidance. Then LISTEN FOR HIS ANSWER!  It may come very quickly, so  be ready. (Watch for coincidences that are above and beyond! )--Or It may just come in the form of a peaceful feeling that says “It’s going to be OK”.

Some of you may even actually “hear “ His answer. All ways are a blessing!

God is always waiting to bless us. 

Often He does, and we don’t even recognize it! But always He does when we ask for His Help!




(This is good to memorize & believe.)


The Light of God surrounds me.


The Love of God enfolds me,


The Power of God protects me,


The Presence of God watches over me.


Where ever I am-- GOD IS!

                                          James Dillet Freeman



(Just change the pronoun from “me” to “you”

to use the prayer as a blessing for someone else who needs it.)


My love to all of you. Remember--you are never alone. ( You never walk alone!)












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