March 27, 2007






Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a land not too far away,


a bulb and a seed lay in the ground side by side.


It was dark and cold, and they had been there all winter.


Both of them wished with all their might to get out of there!


Both dreamed of a life in the sunshine where they could


get out of what they felt was a bad experience.


They dreamed and they dreamed. Still they were there.

The bulb said to the seed,


”You know, we are being foolish.


Why in the world did we ever think that we could ever be different than what we are?”


 I am a bulb, and you are a seed, and that is all we ever will be.


We can dream on forever, but it is time to face facts.”

One day they realized that it was even wetter than usual,


but somehow the ground  began to feel warmer!


The seed said to the bulb, “This is our chance!


We must be ready!” but the bulb, still discouraged and down in the dumps, replied,


 “You are just a dreamer. We are never going to get out of here!”


“Just watch me!” said the seed,


and as she began to stretch herself, something happened!


It was as though she could not contain herself,


and little sprouts began to appear,

and she began to push up through the soil.


“Come-on! let’s go!”,  she  called back to her friend.


But he replied,” Nah, you go on. I’ll just stay here and


wait for my time...(If that is ever to be.)”


“No! Come on!, she said”, but just then she popped


through the surface and the bulb could no longer hear her.


But the sunshine was sooo wonderful!,

and it no longer was dark and cold!


“I’ve got to help my friend,” she thought. “HOW?”


“I think I’ll try this”, and she stretched out her roots till


they tickled  her  friend the bulb.

 “Come on!” they seemed to say. You will not believe what it is like up here!”

And she just kept it up.


She was not about to just let her friend rot in the ground!


But that is exactly what began to happen, and finally he realized that maybe she was right,


and he began to believe that he could be something more than just a bulb about to rot.


---and be began to stretch till he broke away all of the slimy outside,


and he began to grow and push upward!


And he went up---and up! until he broke into the sunshine!


AND he actually began to BLOOM!


He looked around and there to his dismay was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen—


It was a wildflower, but somehow he recognized her.


She was the seed—Now a beautiful blooming thing! 


And the flower looked at him and realized that he was her friend,


the bulb--now a handsome blooming tulip!


Don’t get stuck in your dreams, or you will begin to rot!












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