NOVEMBER 11, 2008




When I was young ( many , many years ago!) Veterans’ Day was called Armistice Day, in remembrance of the signing of the World War 1 Armistice. ( No I wasn’t around then, but my Daddy was, and he was wounded in the war, leaving him with permanent disabilities that kept him from doing the things he loved the most-- surgery and delivering babies. )  Today we have several of our camp family serving in the armed forces, and we pray that each of them will return home unharmed. They will be changed, no doubt. War does that to people. Today we also pray for peace. The word “armistice” means cease fighting. Would that the world could do that! It can, but it must start with each of us. Who are you at war with today? Your family? Your teacher? Your boss? Yourself?


Cease fighting!


Change your attitude!

 It will change your life!



Make this your personal Armistice Day


Change your attitude!


Make this your personal


Cease fighting day!







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