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December 24, 2007




Because they wanted to give this new king the best gifts possible, these were the gifts chosen by the wise men for Baby Jesus.


What was a baby going to do with these gifts?





And so it began----The problem of gift-giving between generations.


Today, I (Janny) went shopping to try to get gifts for my grandchildren. Even when I knew what they wanted--the question then was “50 gigabytes, 100 gigabytes, or more?”  Huh? ( Might not even have been gigabytes- --50 -100 or more “something or others.” I never felt so old or so lost!


But I love them! I want to get them just the right gift! (And I know that many times before it has not been.)


When I was a little girl, every Christmas from my Aunt Alice in Michigan, I would get socks and underwear. My cousins also got the same gift. (None of us saw Aunt Alice very often--maybe once a year.) Yet none of us understood that she had no idea what to get us, but knew that we all needed socks and underwear. I’m embarrassed to say that we made fun of her gifts. (She just wanted to say that she loved us!)



The Wise Men knew that Jesus eventually was going to need the gifts that they brought to him, also. (They, too were gifts of Love.)


I also remember buying gifts for my Mother.

I bought the things that I really liked myself.

And often it was obvious t hat she actually did not understand the gift at all.

I was crushed!


It’s a generation thing.


But Love spans all generations!


So, this Christmas, let’s all of us just try to realize that everyone was doing the best they could. The gift said “I Love You!”, and what else is there anyway?


Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.









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