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October 9, 2008






This has been a very difficult and also joyous week. Two more names have been added to our C.A.M.P. Memorial List.

(C.A.M.P. alumnus, Mary Beth Judkins Deurelein and  Staff member, John Dales)

Those of us who attended both memorials were keenly aware that both of these individuals had followed our 2008 C.A.M.P. theme for their entire lives.

 Listen for Your Music & Dance!



Because of this, both individuals contributed

significantly to this world in a very positive way! Most reading this will not remember Mary Beth as she was a very early-on camper, but most of you do remember John as the fun-loving guy, riding in on his Harley each day to teach fencing to all who wanted to try, and in the process helped many of you to realize that you are capable of doing more than you knew!

Mary Beth was also a teacher helping scores of young people realize their potential. She also rode a Harley! into her 60’s! ---though she lived with a broken neck for most of her life, having fallen off a cliff in her 20’s, and  there was not a wild mustang that she could not climb on and ride! Saddled with a bad heart for most of her life, she never let it stop her from doing anything that she really wanted to do!


John was not just a fencing instructor, he was a “cowboy!”, enjoying reenactments of days gone by all over the country. At his memorial his fellow “cowboys” (hundreds of them attending) sang “Cowboy goin’ home” kind of songs throughout the service. It was pretty cool.

Both of these people were beloved by sooo many, and it was because they were so  unique! They did listen for their  own style  of music and then danced to it!-- and those of us around them benefitted from it!


I hope each of you reading this are still listening for YOUR music--  maybe even doing a little dancing? It’ll pay off !








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