Well, as all of us finally recover from our exhaustion  of C.A.M.P., as we settle back into our own worlds, what ever that may be---Now we finally also have time to reflect on the wonderful week we spent together in August....and a wonderful week we spent with God!


How many times do you suppose we sang WHEN HE CALL ME, I WILL ANSWER?

This past Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church in Greenfield, the congregation sang a hymn that said IF I CALL TO GOD HE WILL ANSWER. I thought it was sort of interesting--nearly the complete opposite.


Our camp song says, Iíll be somewhere listening for my name.  BUT ARE WE?


God is ALWAYS listening for US to call His name! I  bet He gets tired of waiting sometimes! 


Too often, we donít remember to call on Him until we are in trouble


Maybe if we called on Him regularly, we wouldnít get in so much trouble!


So, Yes, we always should be listening for Godís call to us---


But also, it is almost more important for us to call Him!


Weíll be somewhere listening for our names----


But so will God!










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