AUGUST 30, 2007




WELL, NOW IS THE TIME!-( Come to think of it--That was a good old camp theme!)


Summer days are over, and it is back to school for many of us. 


(Actually, I think, we are all in school of one kind or the other.)


Life is just one big lesson, isn’t it?

I get a kick out of reading church signs--the ones that have the sermon 


topic listed. Yesterday I saw two really good ones.


One has to do with the theme of this Morning Watch. it said,


” There can be no testimony without first the test.”


Indeed life is a big lesson with many tests along the way.


Some of our camp loved ones are facing some really big tests right now with serious health challenges (such as a brain tumor) and also life challenges (such as becoming homeless /possession-less after a fire.) These are tough tests for the ones involved and also for their families.


But they are also tests for us! How are we reacting to these situations? Are we keeping these folks in our prayers? Are we doing what we can to help? (S.F.A. & C.A.M.P. are heading up a fund to help the homeless family. Tina can give you details. (614) 475-0740 --or


I hope that we will all pass these tests, and possibly our actions will help the ones actually involved.








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