I hope each of you has had an enjoyable Memorial Day.


Iím afraid that for many folks the real meaning of the day 


has been blurred in picnics, family reunions, and lots of 


fun things. Surely those things are important, too, and 


maybe we do not take enough time for these things 


either, but  were it not for the real meaning of Memorial 


Day, we may not be able to do the others! Though the


actual Memorial Day maybe has passed, it is not too late


 to take time to honor in our minds the veterans who


made these great days possible....and also our loved 


ones who have moved on ahead of us. there is still time to say                 




But now changing gears---


Letís think about our own personal MEMORIAL DAYS.


We all have them.  it may be an obvious day like our

 graduation day, our wedding day, or something similar,


 but Iím really talking about  the days when we  made a 


special decision--- Quit one job and took another--


When we decided that this was the day to stop smoking-


-- or drinking-- When we realized that  we had made


wrong choices and determined to make it right.


 Each of us has our own Memorial Days, and it is good 


to be aware of them, too. What days in your life changed


the rest of your life?


Chances are at those times--

 You were hearing your own special music.


Itís out there-- blowiní in the breeze and